24" x 36"




I've been painting for as long as I remember. I started accepting commissions in my freshman year of high school. 100% of what I made from my artwork was donated to a nonprofit called Pencils of Promise, an organization that builds schools in Laos, Ghana, and Guatemala. I reached my goal of raising enough money to fund an entire school and commissions are now closed. This is a portfolio of my artwork.

My Canvas

I specialize in acrylic on canvas and charcoal on paper.

While I've painted landscapes, cityscapes, and jewelry, my favorite subjects are animals. I love putting in the details that bring them to life.

18" x 24"

My journey


Dimensions: 8.5" x 10"

Medium: Acrylic

Year: 2020

Pencils of Promise

Everything I make from commissions goes to Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit organization that builds schools.

Each school-building project by Pencils of Promise is lead by someone local to the community, and 20% of the work going into building and starting these schools is contributed by the people who live in the town where the school will be built, ensuring the town is invested in the school.

Many children around the world do not have access to education. If those children were educated, they would have the ability to bring their families out of poverty. It can lift communities.

My Fundrasier

You can visit my fundraiser here.

enchanted forest

Dimensions: 36" x 48"

Concept: Treasure in Nature

Year: 2021

night owl

Dimensions: 9" x 12"

Concept: Watchful Bird

Year: 2018


Dimensions: 24" x 36"

Concept: Abstract

Year: 2022

wild leopard

Dimensions: 18" x 24"

Concept: Still Movement

Year: 2018

Fiery horse

Dimensions: 24" x 36"

Concept: Running Horse

Year: 2019


Commissions are now closed.

I have reached my fundraising goal, so commissions are closed for now. I will continue updating this website with works I make in the future.

SEattle skyline

Dimensions: 15" x 30"

Concept: Lights and the City

Year: 2020

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11" x 8.5"